Write your own security solution with secRT

The secRT is an Open Source security platform, developed by CORISECIO in co-operation with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).  The secRT is the basis for comprehensive security solutions.
It provides a development framework which contains a full set of security functionality.
The secRT modeling function enables the creation of security process with little programming effort. All functionality is also available via a WSDL API, which allows an easy way to integrate your own security projects.

The secRT Framework offers features such as:

  • Entity Management – which allows the integration in existing meta directories
  • Key Management  – a complete PKI infrastructure for keys and certificates
  • Cryptographic  functions – choose the algorithm
  • Workflow engine – for automated security processes

Build up your IDE

Platform Feature Tour


  • Secure runtime environment for security solutions
  • Complete control and orchestration
  • Security modeling without programming effort
  • Automated verification of used components
  • Platform independent runtime environment for security software
  • API functionality for partner products


The basis of a broad range of security solutions


Open Source vs. Enterprise

Product Open Source Enterprise
secRT download available
SOA Security download available
Encryption for SharePoint ®   available
Document Encryption   available
Secure Mobile Collaboration   available


Are you interested in our security framework and you are still missing features? Feel free to extend  our secRT framework as base of your security solution and build up from there. Tell us about your solutions and help make secRT a complete open source security solution for anyone to use.